Posted in February 2012

Day 24 – Home

Having arrived home a day early allowed us more time to unload and readjust to a more normal routine.  We covered over 7700 km over 23 days and saw a lot of new places and revisited some familiar ones.  We had a great time and have lots of new destinations to consider for future trips. … Continue reading

Day 23 – Woodstock, VA to Home

Got underway at 9:29 AM under sunny skies, but a bitterly cold wind and only 3 C.  The goal for today was to drive until either the weather turned too bad to continue or it got dark, whichever came first.  We expected the snow to start around Syracuse, NY and to be particularly bad as … Continue reading

Day 22 – Gaffney, SC to Woodstock, VA

A late start this morning (10:03 AM) meant a short day and only 622.2 km covered.  It was 22 C and sunny but quite windy this morning.  The temperature climbed to 25 C before the clouds moved in.  We cut across the western corners of South and North Carolina today before entering Virginia.  Just after … Continue reading

Day 21 – Newnan, GA to Gaffney, SC

We got on the road at 9:44 AM this morning under mostly cloudy skies and 19 C.  However it cleared quite nicely and we had a mostly sunny day with a high of 25 C.  We took our time though and made several stops and ended up only covering 378.6 km compared to over 702 … Continue reading

Day 20 – New Orleans, LA to Newnan, GA

Departed New Orleans at 8:35 CT under cloudy skies and 20 C after three wonderful days at Mardi Gras.  Once we reached Alabama we elected to head northeast through Alabama and Georgia and cutoff about a day’s driving over continuing on to Jacksonville, FL.  We avoid I-95 altogether by taking I-65, and I-85 eventually ending … Continue reading

Day 19 – New Orleans (Mardi Gras)

It’s not even 8:00 AM and already the barricades are up and people have started to stake out their spots.  Apparently the parade route today extends even further up Canal Street so we may be able to see it from our 8th floor window, but it’s always more fun to be right there in the … Continue reading

Day 18 – New Orleans (Lundi Gras)

Today we walked, and walked.  It’s amazing how much of yesterday’s garbage has been cleaned up already although beads are hanging from every overhead wire, tree, and sign post.  First we headed toward the Garden District and it’s majestic homes with very ornate iron and scroll work.  Next we explored Lafayette Cemetery where all of … Continue reading

Day 17 – Navarre, FL to New Orleans, LA

The day started out overcast, breezy, and cool but as we headed west the skies mostly cleared but the temperature dropped some.  Still very unsettled weather.  We drove along Gulf Shores National Seashore to Pensacola Beach and then on through Pensacola toward Alabama, just before Alabama we got back on the Interstate – I-10 – … Continue reading