Posted in November 2012

November 20 – Day 18

Las Vegas, NV to Ottawa, ON Unlike our departure 18 days ago, today started somewhat more leisurely.  Up, coffee, shower, breakfast, surf the net, before heading off to the airport for our 11:45 AM flight.  Got gas, returned the car, checked in and through security with lots of time to spare.  The flight to Toronto … Continue reading

November 19 – Day 17

Palm Springs, CA to Las Vegas, NV Got on the road shortly after breakfast for the drive back to Las Vegas.  A different route than we took on the way down.  We took a short sidetrip to see Pioneertown – a “live-in” movie set that’s still an active community today.  Much of our drive today … Continue reading

November 18 – Day 16

A hot, sunny, windy, quiet day by the pool for our last day.  This evening was spent BBQing steak and packing our bags.  Tomorrow morning we hit the road again right after breakfast.  Our goal is Las Vegas before dark – it’s only a 4.5 hour drive, but we’re easily distracted.

November 17 – Day 15

Hot, but a mix of sun and cloud – still unsettled.  Had to make a quick run to the store for a couple of items we forgot on our last trip to the supermarket, but otherwise we didn’t stray far from the pool.  Next week is Thanksgiving break so lot’s of people are on the … Continue reading

November 16 – Day 14

The weather has become more unsettled.  While we have amix of sun and cloud here in the valley, the surrounding mountains have become shrouded in clouds.  It’s still quite hot though when the sun does shine and the clouds are keeping the warmth in in the evening.  Not good weather for hiking in the mountins … Continue reading

November 15 – Day 13

A cloudy day – no sun but bright and only a 30% chance of rain.  We made arrangements with friends here from BC to get together for a BBQ in the evening and then went downtown mostly to see the new 26 ft. high Marilyn Monroe statue based on the famous picture of her her … Continue reading

November 13 – Day 11

Another lazy day, however in the evening we went to the outlet mall where every Tuesday is Seniors’ Day – an extra 10% off (at participating retailers).  We picked up a few bargains but there really wasn’t a lot of interest there.  Then it was a quick stop at the supermarket for a few essentials … Continue reading

November 12 – Day 10

The hot tub was cool this morning so we didn’t get in.  Today we’re going out after breakfast though.  Not entirely sure where but the first stop is the date oasis for some more Halawy dates.  We watched their video this time and learned the history of date growing in the Coachella Valley.  From there … Continue reading

November 11 – Day 9

Today is Veterans’ Day in the U.S.   Apparently there is a parade here but we didn’t go to see it.  The only variation in our daily routine was that we went to get groceries at noon.