Posted in May 2013

May 31 – Day 17, Onset, MA

Had to wait until 8:00 am to depart to get our key deposit back.  Once again motoring out with the tide past Marblehead and on toward Boston.  Nearly a flat calm this morning. We passed on visiting Boston Harbour and headed south toward the Cape Cod Canal.  More and bigger boats today including ferries, barges … Continue reading

May 30 – Day 16, Salem, MA

Left Kennebunkport early on the outgoing tide.  The weather had cleared nicely and we had a pleasant trip down the Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts coasts.  Fewer lobster pots the further south you go.  Saw a big fish jump, as well as a seal and lots of sea birds including one flock flying in formation. … Continue reading

May 29 – Day 15, Kennebunkport, ME – UPDATED

As forecast, we have showers this morning and the possibility of thunderstorms this afternoon with a small craft advisory in effect.  So we’re staying put for the day.  Tomorrow is supposed to be better.  Took advantage of the off day to do a little more laundry and enjoy the very good Internet access here.  Also … Continue reading

May 27 – Day 13, Georgetown, ME

Awoke to sunshine and calm winds.  The forecast for the day is pretty good with WNW winds at 10 – 15 kt. and seas of 1 – 3 ft. Today might be the day.  However by the time we had the dinghy secured and everything ready for a departure the updated forecast was for higher … Continue reading

May 26 – Day 12, Georgetown, ME

The morning weather was much like it has been the last few days.  Showered, did a load of laundry, went out for lunch (leaving |Becky aboard to stand watch), and then went for groceries – a busy day.  By that time the weather had cleared and for the first time in over a week I;m … Continue reading

May 24 – Day 10, Georgetown, ME

Sill cold, and wet, and miserable, and the wind is howling.  They moved us from F dock over to B dock this morning where it is much calmer and we don’t even hear the wind or halyards slapping at masts.  Unfortunately Internet access is even more intermittent over here too.  Monday is forecast to be … Continue reading

May 23 – Day 9, Georgetown, ME

Awoke to flat calm this morning as far as the eye can see, which is not much beyond the boat next to us.  It’s really socked in.  The fog soon cleared though but the day remained overcast.  A small craft warning has been issued from noon Thursday until Saturday although by 6:00 pm it still … Continue reading

May 22 – Day 8, Georgetown, ME

The weather didn’t change at all overnight and the forecast is for more of the same for the rest of the week.  Friday, which had been predicted to be fine now has an 80% chance of rain.  The next sunny day may be Monday but it may also be very windy.  Although it’s tempting to … Continue reading