Posted in June 2013

June 30 – Day 47, Waterford, NY

A beautiful, clear, sunny day but the forecast still calls for showers and thunderstorms each afternoon. Rainfall for the month is 4 – 5 inches above normal, more than double an average June. The problem for us is that the Mohawk River drains such a large area that it takes days for it to return … Continue reading

June 28 – Day 45, Waterford, NY – UPDATED

Visit the Troy Record and YNN web sites for photos and video of the “stranded boaters”. Aside from the news that our dock neighbours had made the front page of the Troy Record (with Mary Ann and Becky in the accompanying video) we also learned this morning that the Waterford Harbor Visitors Center where we … Continue reading

June 27 – Day 44, Waterford, NY

Bad news this morning – torrential rain is expected this afternoon and evening, 4+ inches. If it comes, the canal will not reopen tomorrow as scheduled.  If it doesn’t, the canal may reopen later tomorrow. In the meantime we have sweltering heat again. At least we have an air conditioned car today and took our … Continue reading

June 26 – Day 43, Waterford, NY

At least it didn’t rain overnight as we had all the ports open hoping for a bit of a breeze, but we do have showers this morning and have had to close everything up again. Apparently all the marinas back down the Hudson River are filling up with people waiting to go up the Erie … Continue reading

June 25 – Day 42, Waterford, NY

Six weeks. That was my estimate for the total time for this trip and yet here we still are in Waterford, NY with no idea when we’ll get to leave. The latest rumours are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Monday depending on who you talk to. It’s much cooler and fresher this morning after the thunderstorms, … Continue reading

June 24 – Day 41, Waterford, NY

Today is forecast to be much the same as yesterday – hot, hazy, and humid with highs in the 90’s and a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. In fact, that is the forecast for most of the rest of the week. Still no update on the status of the canal reopening. Put the outboard on the … Continue reading

June 22 – Day 39, Waterford, NY

Cloudy and slightly overcast today and very humid. Almost hope we have thunderstorms to clear the air a bit. The latest update on tbe canal situation is that if all goes well they should reopen by mid to late next week. Still can’t get the padlock on the dinghy engine unlocked – will have to … Continue reading

June 21 – Day 38, Waterford, NY – UPDATED

We had originally planned to be back in Canada by now but between the roofers delaying our departure, and weather and canal repairs slowing our progress, here we are in Waterford, NY for my birthday. There are worse places we could be. This is a nice little town and the people are all very friendly … Continue reading