Posted in June 2014

Spring 2014 – Part 4

The last day of spring and we’re still in port. We’ve been living aboard all week and making good progress on our to do list, but everything seems to take much longer than estimated. Of course Becky always seems to know what needs to be done next and goes there first to lie down. We … Continue reading

Erie Canal closed due to high water levels

Today, in a repeat of last year and exactly one year to the day, the Erie Canal has been closed to navigation from lock E7 to E22 due to heavy rains and high water levels. It been raining pretty heavily here since Wednesday and more showers are expected today. It’s currently only 15°C and overcast. … Continue reading

Spring 2014 – Part 3 (Launch!)

I suppose I should have titled this post Summer 2014 but officially we still have 10 days left until summer.  Hopefully we’ll be ready to cast off by then.  Launch went ahead on Monday, June 2 without a hitch.  The new thru-hull transducer was water tight.  We stayed on the boat three nights keeping an … Continue reading