Summer 2014 – Part 2

It has been two months since I last updated this blog and today being the last day of summer, I figured it was time I wrote something. We didn’t get out in the boat as often or for as far as we had planned this year but we’ve enjoyed our time on it. We had some maintenance issues, as you would expect with a 29 year old boat, but they seem to have mostly been addressed. Currently we are at Upper Brewers Lock on the Rideau Canal slowly making our way back towards Kingston as weather permits. The summer hasn’t been all boating though. When we were home we did some work on the house. We also spent a wonderful weekend in Leamington meeting the future in laws at John And Sara’s engagement party. Thanksgiving weekend (Columbus Day for American readers) will be time to get the boat ready for haul out and put to bed for the winter. So we still have some time yet.

Early morning fog at Burritts Rapids Lock