Spring 2015 – Lake Placid and points beyond

Well the calendar says it’s spring, even if it doesn’t look much like it outside. We enjoyed our winter trip to the Lake Placid KOA so much that we decided to go back again for a couple of days. This time we stayed in one of the newer deluxe cabins. They claim that they sleep eight. Technically that may be correct but it would be cramped with four, beyond that it would be impossible. Two adults and a dog was quite cosy. They are very nice though despite their small size. They’re about the length and width of a family sized travel trailer but with full-sized furniture and appliances inside. The park was nearly deserted while we were there so Becky was allowed to run free when we went out walking and we all enjoyed the evening campfire. From Lake Placid we headed down through Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine covering some familiar territory from the last two or three years. The weather was good, though the wind was quite cold for two of the days, but the scenery was as spectacular in the winter as in the other seasons. Snow capped mountains under clear blue skies and so peaceful and quiet with few tourists around. The last two days the wind stopped blowing and the temperatures rose so that it actually began to feel like spring. That is, until an hour from home it started to snow again.